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Practice Test

Grace's Chapter 5 Study Guide

Correct answers in GREEN. Your answers in BLUE.
Review Page
1. A firm that offers outsourcing solutions is a _____ provider.
A: software business
B: service
C: product
D: none of the above
2. A _____ allows you to contact the vendor for assistance when you have problems or questions.
A: user license
B: maintenance agreement
C: software license
D: all of the above
3. The practice of shifting IT development, support and operations to other countries is referred to as_____.
A: global outsourcing
B: offshore outsourcing
C: international outsourcing
D: both a and b
4. Although some overlap is possible, it usually is better to complete the ____ phase before moving on to systems design.
A: evaluation
B: integration
C: analysis
D: implementation
5. A firm that enhances a commercial software package by adding custom features and configuring it for a particular industry is called a ____.
6. A value that the system displays automatically is called a _____.
A: parameter
B: default
C: string
D: method
7. Reasons to purchase a software package versus using in-house development does NOT include _____.
A: lower costs
B: requires less time to implement
C: requires less technical staff
D: meet constraints of existing systems
8. The end product of ____ prototyping is a user-approved model that documents and benchmarks the features of the finished system.
A: system
B: design
C: whole
D: charted
9. In a large and medium-sized company, _____ is responsible for providing user support.
A: upper management
B: a help desk within the IT department
C: outsourced support
D: none of the above
10. An industry group that focuses on the digital economy is _____.
A: the Software and Information Industry Association
B: the Software Inside Information Association
C: the Software Indirect Information Association
D: none of the above
11. A percentage rate that compares the total net benefits received from a project to the total costs of the project is called _____.
C: payback analysis
D: none of the above
12. Traditional systems development environments do NOT include _____.
A: systems that are designed to run on local and wide-area company networks
B: system design which is influenced by compatibility issues
C: security issues that are less complex than with Web-based systems
D: the Web treated as a platform, rather than just a communication channel
13. The _____ section should be included in an RFP.
A: milestones
B: quality control
C: testing
D: all of the above
14. Powerful Web-based support for transactions such as order processing and billing is provided by _____.
B: managed hosting
D: both a and b
15. A report that makes a specific recommendation to management is a(n) _____.
B: system requirements document
C: software requirements specification
D: both b and c
16. When looking at outsourcing IT to other countries something that is NOT a top consideration is _____.
A: confirming that low labor cost is really lower
B: assessing programmer's skills realistically
C: having solid specifications
D: getting in touch with the other country's Embassy
17. Systems design does NOT include the goal to build a system that is _____ than any other alternative.
A: faster
B: more effective
C: more easily maintained
D: more reliable
18. A software package that can be used by many different types of organizations is called a _____.
A: vertical application
B: horizontal application
C: value-added application
D: vendor application
19. A data consideration that system design does NOT follow is _____.
A: automated methods of data entry should be avoided
B: data should be verified when it is entered
C: data should be entered into the system where and when it occurs
D: data should be entered into the system only once
20. Software package customization options include _____.
A: a basic package being customized by the vendor to suit the needs of the firm
B: the firm negotiating directly with the software vendor to make enhancements, for a fee
C: a firm purchasing the package and makes modifications, if permissible under the terms of the software license
D: all of the above